Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Born

Just Born
Welcome Home! We are so glad you are here!

Height: 20.75 in.
Weight: 11 lbs. 7 oz.
Nolan's sleeping patterns so far are sleeping every 2-3 hours throughout the day and night. 
His feeding schedule is to eat whenever he wakes up. 
Motions he makes are "doing the Nolan" arm movements. And he likes to keep his hand by his head, just like we saw on ultrasounds. 
So far we can tell that you love to be fed and to sit in your swing at GG and Bear's. 
You get upset when you have a wet diaper, which helps mommy and daddy. 
You don't have any favorite toys yet. 
Your major accomplishment we have seen you develop is holding your head up for 5 seconds at a time!

Week in Words

So I've gone from not updating in 3 months to deciding that Nolan is growing up so fast that I need to document it all, because he makes so many discoveries and has major developments each week! I love this blog, its easier than keeping up with writing for a book as our parents did.

So each week, or as often as I remember, I'll put Nolan's "week in words" on here :)

But since this is the first one I've decided to make it his "2013 so far in words"!

January 7th Nolan slept the first time in his own room! Since we got a monitor (or 2) for Christmas I've decided he can sleep in his room.
January 8th Nolan eats cereal for the first time ever! We only put it in his milk to help him sleep through the night again.
January 11th Mommy spends her first day away from Nolan. It was hard but GG had fun watching him  for 8 hours.
January 15th Nolan joined the ladies for his Wita's 89th birthday lunch at Piatta. There were 4 generations at one table.
Janaury 16th Nolan learns Wheels on the Bus and loves doing the arm movements. Had to google to make sure we had all the verses. 

Now we get to the daily notes :)

January 23rd Nolan is found scooting off his jungle gym!
January 24th Nolan goes for a walk with Lacey!
January 25th Nolan lunches again with JoAnna, her mom, mommy, her mom & his future girlfriend (JoAnna's baby, yet to be born)

January 26th we go to Ft Worth and Nolan was great in the car ride. It was the first time we used the travel bottle warmer in the car. 

January 27th Nolan has caught his first cold. Breaking out the humidifier

January 28th Nolan almost turns over from his front to his back!

January 29th Greg gives Nolan a bath for the first time all on his own! And Nolan smelled so good!

I've been's 3 months of updates

I have been so bad about updating on here, but I have posted ALOT on facebook. But I guess there are some people in the world that still have not joined facebook, April ;)

So Im going to do three months in one post, and then I promise to update at least every month on Nolan and how he's doing, and how we are doing as parents through this new journey.

1 month old 
Sweet and bring joy with all you do!

Height: 21.25 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Nolan is sleeping 4-5 hour intervals at night
His feeding schedule is 2-3 hours during the day
His favorite game is when I bop on his mouth it makes him smile.

2 months old
Tiny fingers, tiny's so much fun to watch you grow!

Height: 23.5 inches
Weight: 13.1 pounds
Nolan is sleeping 9 hours at night!!! But not such a great napper during the day.
This month he is eating every 3-4 hours during the day
This month he loves being under his jungle gym, the only free time mom gets!
His dislikes are when he is being held against your chest, because he can't see everything.
His favorite toy is his rattles.
This month he has learned to hold onto things, like his rattles.

3 months old
Eat, sleep, learn, and play...tiny wonders every day!

Height: not measured this month
Weight: 16 pounds! I was 18 pounds at 1 year!
He is sleeping every 6 hours, a step back :( But he is getting better about napping, and he does so on his stomach!
His feeding schedule is bottles every 4+ hours with cereal right before bed! That started January 8th!
This month he loves talking, being social and anyone giving him attention. Papa Bear just sits and talks/sings to him while in the swing for hours!
His dislike is when he does not get fed food in time, just like his daddy was/is ;)
Nolan's favorite toy this month is his taggie blanket.
By the end of this month he learned to scoot while on his back!

Promise the future months will be more individualized and more on time :)