Monday, July 30, 2012

Nursery: Halfway Point

Most of the furniture has come in!!! After talking on the phone with Kara about how I have to wait until the end of August to get all my furniture in at the same time the distribution center called and said some of it had arrived and if I wanted I could come pick it up whenever I wanted.

I had to wait a week so that Greg had a day off to help put it together and set it all up in Nolan's room. So I set off to Sugarland this past Friday to pick up the crib, nightstand and mattress. Much to my surprise when I called to confirm they ALSO had the dresser and glider! I was so excited! The only thing missing for the nursery is the hutch. So mom and I went to pick it up. Thank goodness we took the truck, because it filled the entire thing!

Greg had his work cut out for him. I recommended that he call a friend to help him unload, but everyone was busy or out of town. So he did it all on his own!!! Then he had to put the crib together and put all the pieces in the nursery. Remember I got the glider larger so it would be comfortable for Greg, well it was so big that it did not fit through the door in one piece!

Over the weekend Greg worked hard, for the KC, and got it all put together. I am so excited. Now we just need the hutch, and a few finishing touches. I need to get some pictures for the wall, curtains, a pillow and we are set! Here is what we have thus far. So excited!

The nightstand: 
Some Baylor paraphernalia, a bulldog lamp, and a picture frame from Lauren.  

 The dresser without the hutch:
UT paraphernalia, a NYC police car we got on our "babymoon", 
Greg's baby shoes, mommy & baby bear. 

The right side of the room:
The large and in charge glider.  

I love this crib, and the picture frame my mom bought. 
I will put his name in the white stripe. 

I can't wait until the finished product, and for Nolan to arrive and enjoy this room. I spent last night, the first night, relaxing in the room just imagining him playing in this room, sleeping and me rocking him in the glider. Less than 3 months to go!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Big Events for a Big Belly

SO much has happened in preparing for Nolan lately. First, I'll start off with a funny pregnancy story. Greg was being a sweet hubby and recommended that we go on an ice cream date last night. So we went to Marble Slab and got some ice cream. Little did we know that eating something so sugary so close to bed time was going to keep Nolan up ALL night. I still jump when Nolan kicks so I was tossing and turning all night. Everyone tells you to get your rest while you can before the baby comes. Much to my surprise the lack of sleep starts before the baby comes, I guess in preparation in a small part to what you will experience once they are here. I have definitely learned my lesson, but I don't think Greg is ready to laugh about this story yet, he is still tired :(

Next, I am so excited to get to the fun family celebration part of my pregnancy, the showers! I am so happy to celebrate Nolan with our families. Nolan is so loved and I can't wait for him to get here and see all those who love him gather around him.

After talking on the phone with Kara, Nolan's aunt, about his nursery and everything that is coming in for it and what I still have to wait on, I got a phone call that some of the furniture has arrived in the warehouse here in Houston! I thought I was going to have to wait until all the furniture was delivered together to even hear anything but they called to let me know some of it has arrived! And to add on top of that I can come and pick it up as it arrives instead of paying for delivery at the end of August. Finally I have something to put in Nolan's room!!! Im so excited! So next week we are picking up his crib, mattress and night stand. And his bulldog decal has arrived along with the bulldog lamp and puppy paw play mat. Just waiting on the keep calm and love bulldog poster and the four custom made bulldog prints.

Mom & Dad's influence



Everything is coming together and getting exciting. I am so excited for him to get here!

Also, I forgot to note that I am back into my home made groove again. This all started last year when making our save-the-dates. I got the idea to save some money and make ours. I ordered vintage Welcome to Texas post cards and ordered a stamp to hand do everyone of them. And at that point mom and I were not use to the whole ordering for a wedding thing, and instead of ordering how many households we needed to send invitations to we ordered how many PEOPLE we were inviting. Needless to say we still have many left over. Then I decided to make every place card for the wedding, about 270! That was very tedious but I was very proud when it was done.

Now I have taken on making the thank you cards for gifts. I looked online and anything I wanted that was personalized would be $1.50 at least for EACH card. Way out of my price range. Since I had the stuff from last year I decided to make them myself. I couldn't decide which color scheme I liked best so there are 3 versions. Here they are.

The back is personalized with his initials, Nolan Thomas Lawler

I'm having so much fun making stationary things, so if you have an idea of something you want and can't find it, let me know and let's try to make it!!! I'd love to start doing this for fun from home to help support our family :) 

Friday, July 13, 2012

The waiting game

If Greg were home I bet he wished we had the furniture and things here already so I would stop ordering things online for Nolan. It is so hard to sit here and just wait for my baby, and his fun baby things.

So I thought I would share some of my nursery findings. You can also follow my pinterest to see what I get as well.

Ordered this from in 11x14 and will frame it. 

Ordered this also from in grey. It is a wall decal, about 20x18.5

Ordered this from in white. They are bookends that I will paint slate grey. 

And here is the bedding I think  Im going to go with. I will order it through Baby's 1st. 

Now I am just going to try and figure a perfect bulldog pillow for the glider, paint bubble letters to hang on the wall (just purchase from Hobby Lobby) and I REALLY want to find a bulldog mobile. THEN I think I'll finally be satisfied with enough bulldog accents for Nolan's nursery :) 

If any of you find cute bulldog things you think I might like, please let me know! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Houston, We have a viable baby

 We are now 25 weeks and 4 days. Nolan is now a viable baby should he make an early entrance into this world, which I hope not for quite awhile. Like I have said each worry milestone we pass is replaced with another. We have passed the viability check point and now to wait until the 32 week mark, then 37 and then DELIVERY! It is starting to go faster, and as I have heard from my mother friends it all only goes by faster once they arrive. So I need to try and enjoy my last few months without a major responsibility.

These next few months Greg and I are going to try and get as much couple time together as possible before Nolan's arrival. We are going to have dinners, movie dates, and even enjoy his first vacation week that he specifically requested over our one year anniversary! We will be going to his lake house and visiting his family, as this might be the last trip we have until after Nolan comes. We also will shower Lacey with as much attention while also trying to prepare her for her little brother!

I have been reading online about how to prepare your dog for a baby. A main thing is to introduce Lacey to Nolan's things and let her sniff them as much as possible before he arrives. As the room starts to get put together Lacey is definitely taking an interest in his things but I need to make sure she doesn't think they are hers, to chew on. The play mat/rug came in the mail today so I put it together. It is foam and Lacey took a quick liking to it, as a chewy.

Went to the doctor yesterday and the check up went great! I was concerned about my weight gain and was going to ask the doctor about it but she came in beaming that I have doubled my total weight gain in one month! Now at over 6 months pregnant I have gained a whopping 6 whole pounds! Haha. But as long as my doctor is happy and not concerned then I am happy and won't be concerned. My blood pressure is fine and Nolan's heart rate is good.

I will be going back in 3 weeks for my diabetes testing and other end of second trimester testing. I can't believe I am almost two-thirds of the way through my pregnancy! Then starting in August, my third trimester, my doctor wants to see my every two weeks, just to be safe and closely monitor Nolan. I like that I'll be going to see her more often. I doubt it means more ultrasounds but it will mean I don't have to call and bug her staff with questions all the time because I'll always see her in a few days so I can ask her myself.

Now we are going from waiting in limbo to everything coming quicker, 30 mph to about 60 mph, here we go!