Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"We could have this baby now" - Greg

I love my husband but he scared the crud out of me when he said this. My response was one of pure panic. No we couldn't! We haven't taken any classes, the nursery is only almost finished, we barely have clothes, nothing to feed him with! Alot was going through my head that we have NOT done and how we are so not ready for him yet. But as calm as Greg is he pointed out that he merely meant that at 32 weeks Nolan's lungs are developed and it wouldn't be 100% scary if we had him right now.

Of course we want him to stay in and bake awhile longer, but we are also very excited to meet him. What will he look like? Who will he resemble? Basically, whose genes will be more dominant/stronger, as we like to put it :) We think he will have skin in between our colors (tan and transparent), we think he might have curly hair, light eyes, and an adorably large tukus (butt). The last part I have just learned will most likely be true when I went to the doctor yesterday. I keep feeling my little man push but I have not been able to tell what part of him I was feeling. Come to find out its his butt, and man does that span a large surface ;) Greg calls it his Lawler butt, because we know it wouldn't come from me. And I love that my man will be blessed with not having a boney butt like me.

So we did go to the doctor yesterday and learned that Nolan has taken his final turn into the head down position! What a good little boy. The doctor said he must have known she was going to give him a stern talking to if he had not. It was a quick visit but that's because everything looked great! I'm gaining weight right on track, blood pressure is normal, his heart beat is strong, and his positioning is terrific! Here is to hoping this all stays the same.

So now on to what I have been up to. I am finally in the nesting stage. I know we were married OVER a year ago but I still had some presents that needed to be returned not only at my house but from my parents as well! I want to clear our rooms of all boxes and I need to do the same at my parents, because in November we will be living with them! Greg has a rotation at Methodist, located in the medical center in Houston. So to cut down on him having to drive to and from in traffic (as I did for a year) we decided to live at my parents house, less than 5 miles from the med center. This will be awesome, because we will have my parents to help. But it will also be an adventure for everyone. We will be getting use to having a new baby in our lives and my parents will go from empty nesters to having a married couple with a newborn living under their roof. Good thing my mom has ear plugs to sleep with ;) But I am very excited to have their help and we are extremely thankful that they are letting us stay with them for the month!

Now back to returning the gifts. I took only about 5 items back to Bed Bath & Beyond and received over $200 in store credit, which I learned we will be able to use at the soon to be opened Buy Buy Baby! What perfect timing! I knew procrastination would come in handy at least once in my life ;) So I decided to return to other stores as well.

Felt like I was really earning Greg and me some money so I decided to go and spend a little. There is a Carter's very close to our house and I have been dying to go in there, but have stopped myself as I knew I would go crazy. As I pulled up the windows were covered in posters advertising their Labor Day Sale, every 50% off!!! Are you kidding me, PERFECT!!! So I dared to enter, and what is the first theme of clothes that I see, Bulldog theme! I couldn't resist all the little adorable outfits for our little man! So I might have bought a "few" things. But Greg couldn't get mad because 1-it was bulldog theme, too cute to get mad at 2-it was all 50% off 3-I was using the credit card that gives us points. He says thats how I justify spending money to him, earning points. Thank you Venture card.

So here are pictures of Nolan's growing bulldog theme wardrobe!

 A zip up jacket with a onesie and pants

 Best Buddies onesie

 Button down polo shirt with Best Buddies onesie and corduroy pants

 Collared onesie and sweatpants

 Coverall, perfect halloween color

 I LOVE the footies on these coveralls

 He has to have a little prep in his wardrobe

Velour coverall, in case its cold in Houston ever

Can't wait to meet our little guy, and put him in all his adorable outfits! He will rock the bulldog look almost daily :) Thank you Carter's! 


  1. No, we do NOT want Nolan making his arrival until after 38 weeks! He is a whimpy white male & could still have problems with his lungs! We are all so anxious to meet him, however, patience is the VIRTUE in this case. I love all the clothes, good job, KC!

  2. You certainly did a great job "saving" your family money at Carter's! Cute stuff!!