Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We are now 16 weeks and 3 days. I got all excited when reading the weekly updates from the MANY baby websites that I subscribe to, and they told me all the advances Nolan would be going through this week. First, he can hear! So now I need to watch what I say, and my yelling. But that also means I can get belly buds! I think I have dropped enough "subtle" hints to Greg that those would be a great mother's day gift. I can get those already, right? ;)

But the other thing is that this is the earliest I could possibly start feeling Nolan! Oh I can't wait, and I think I did! I was sitting at work yesterday and just reading a book and felt a little butterfly! And then again a few seconds later. I am almost positive it was Nolan! Hopefully I will be feeling him more frequently and more distinctly from now on.

We have our next doctors appointment next Thursday, 10 days to go. We will almost be 18 weeks then.

I also want to recognize my amazing, very talented and thoughtful aunt Martha. She is knitting Nolan a blanket that I hope he adores as much as I already have. The thread Martha picked is specifically bought from a website where the proceeds go to Share, a group designed to provide for support to those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

After reading where my aunt bought the yarn for Nolan's blanket it really hit me about our first baby. We are VERY excited for Nolan but we are also very sad that we will not be able to hold our first child here on Earth. But I hope that baby knows how much they are loved, and will always be remembered and loved by our entire family. I know they are looking down on us and keeping and extra close eye on their little brother Nolan.

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  1. Heaven is full of those we have loved and lost. Those wonderful angels are keeping an eye on us and even if we don't realize it, they are guiding us along the way. Nolan's blanket is traveling for the next two weeks. It's going to Europe and all of the wonderful times it experiences will be knitted into the blanket. I hope it conveys to Nolan and his mommy and daddy just how much I love you all! Enjoy your pregnancy and we will "talk" when I return! XOXOXO