Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Counting the days

I am doing a lot of counting down these days: counting down the days until my next appointment, counting down the days until I get to see my baby (and drink alcohol again), and definitely counting down the days until the summer so I can get started on Nolan's nursery.  Check out my pinterest boards:

It has been so hard to concentrate since I learned our baby was a boy. My registries are looking as big as my wedding registry. I know I won't get everything but its a great place to get objects placed in my dreams. I can dream about doing specific things with Nolan, like walking Lacey with him in a specific stroller, or feeding him his first solid food in a certain high chair. I was nervous that the dreaming and mystery would fall a little dull after I found out he was a boy, but it has only multiplied. Now I can dream specific dreams with my little boy.

Now if only I could get my worries to go away. I guess it comes from having had a miscarriage, but I feel as if I worry about everything. I haven't gained much weight and that makes me very nervous. But a major comfort has been discussing these fears and worries with friends who have had children or are expecting. Thank you to everyone who has listened to my babbling and provided words of comfort and guidance.

Pregnancy comes with glorious hormones. Oh the hormones. I feel so bad sometimes for those around me because I KNOW I am being a b***h but the word vomit still comes out. Greg is a saint after dealing with me, and I am not even half way through this. I feel drained by the end of the day and my already short fuse is at its end, and who is the only person I see, my doting husband. I feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful man to be my husband and baby daddy, Nolan is one blessed child.

Ok I am just rambling now. I will see the doctor again in two weeks, these 4 weeks between check ups have been torture waiting to see my little man again. I can't wait to see him again! Update yall soon!

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  1. Kiddo, you and Greg will be wonderful parents, don't worry about that. And Nolan will be LOVED so much he will think that's the natural way of the world. He is so welcomed in this family and I, for one, can hardly wait to see him when I come to Houston in November. Everyone be prepared for tons of kisses to sweet baby Nolan. I love you all!