Thursday, March 22, 2012


Since my last post we have been to 2 ultrasounds! My doctor considered me high risk due to my miscarriage last time and so she wanted to see me more often, every two weeks, this time. We went when, according to my lmc, I would be 7 weeks and 3 days. We were able to hear the heartbeat of 133 bpm!!! But the baby was only measuring 6 weeks 4 days. She said that was ok and she was not worried because the margin of error is 6 days. We were able to keep a picture of our little bundle of joy!

I am very interested in guessing the gender and so I look to many old wives tales to see what my baby might be. Based on the heartbeat the baby seems like a boy, but based on the placement of baby within the sac, on the left, means its a girl based on the Ramzi theory.

Then two weeks passed. During those two weeks a lot happened. A lot of stress was brought on by work, but then I had spring break to calm me down and let me relax! I needed that time. Once I came back to school I put in my next request to leave early for my appointment and it was denied by my principal! I would not normally put up a fuss but my hormones are raging and she knew I was high risk and that I would need to go see my doctor every two weeks. She had known this information for 6 weeks now, and she was denying me! I couldn't believe it! I wanted/needed to see my baby and know my baby was ok because it was around this time that the last baby stopped growing!
Well I spoke with her and ended up being able to go. Thank God! And as everyone says, the most important thing is your baby and once we were in the doctor's office all else just melted away and our focus was solely on our new little pumpkin!

Greg has been fortunate enough to be able to make each and every ultrasound for this baby. We are a bit superstitious because he was not able to come to the one where we found out we were miscarrying last time, so we don't want to risk it again. I know that has no correlation but we would rather both be able to experience everything with this little one.

Again everything looked great! We got to hear the heartbeat at 175 bpm. Now again with my old wives tales that means the baby would be a girl. And the placement of the baby moved to the right which according to the Ramzi theory would be a boy. Man this baby does NOT want us guessing the gender! And not only did we see the heartbeat and hear it, but we were able to see our baby move its feet! The doctor said that usually doesn't happen until 12 weeks, thus the reduction in possible miscarriage at 12 weeks. Since we saw our baby move already then our baby is at the lowest possible percentage of miscarrying so we are no longer high risk!

We were ecstatic to receive this news and see our baby move. We already love our baby so much and can't wait until we hold him/her in our arms!

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