Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nolan's Nursery

I am getting so excited because we are getting Nolan's room ready, finally. I have been hesitant to work on it, because we have so much time until he gets here. But here we go! We have cleared out the room and are going furniture shopping next week!

After looking through the baby bargain book (great reference) if you live in Houston I recommend you look at Baby's 1st Furniture. They carry only top rated furniture manufacturers. Their biggest floor store is on I-45 N, and they are moving to the Woodlands soon, so they are selling a lot of their floor set ups. And another benefit of this store is that they set it up in room set already so you can see the whole thing together. And its a plus that Roula, from 104 KRBE, highly recommends this place too :)

Here are pictures of cribs I like. What do you think?
Baby's Dream Legendary Collection - Cinnamon
Baby's Dream Renaissance Collection - Espresso
Stratton Collection

Sorry the last one is so big. The small ones are all sold, in multiple wood finishes, at Baby's first. The last one they can order because they sell from this manufacturer but they just don't have this set on the floor.

Next thing we have to set into motion is getting Nolan's room painted. His nursery theme will be bulldogs, of course! Here is the color scheme and wall painting I was thinking...

Puppy love nursery!!! But with a bulldog
But a little altered of course. I like the khaki brown on bottom, but then I want a thick white stripe in the middle then the top be that baby blue. In the white stripe I will hang wooden letters of his name over his bed painted in a slate grey. The accent in his room will be that color. Here are some other things I want to include...(all found on pinterest)
dog nursery
I want this four picture set to put up in his room. 
Adorable! But paint it blue and have a manlier shade
I want the bulldog lamp, but Ill paint him metallic grey and get a blue shade. 
Dog paintings for baby / child nursery. Customized puppy pictures on canvas for kids rooms and playrooms (not prints) Set of 6
And I love the bulldog one, but would get four of it in only the bulldog with different shades of brown with different shades of blue for the background. 

Really getting excited now!

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  1. Wow, what a great set of choices! It will look good, but I really don't know which one I like best. Good luck! :)