Thursday, June 28, 2012

As The Paint Dries

I am so pleased with how the room came out. Honestly, if anyone needs painting done let me know because Greg is amazing! He got this done all in one day! Here are some pics and I could not be happier!

 The wall where Nolan's crib will sit. 
I will be putting up block letters of his name in the white which hits just above the top of his crib.
 This wall will hold the changing table/dresser and hutch set. 
 If you can tell, Greg also painted the hallway, along with this room, in just one day!
 The glider is going over here. I tricked my Greg & said we got it in burnt orange, but i went with chocolate :) 

We got all the furniture ordered yesterday too. We cannot be more thankful to Greg's parents, Tommy & Ann, for helping us with all that. Some things are available later than others so we are having everything ordered together. So we probably won't have it all until the end of August. But that is A-OK with me! Then I will focus on adding he final touches to make the room Nolan's. 

This has just been just a blessing of a week. I have been able to catch up with old friends, get started on the final steps to making our house a home for the baby, and spend time with family. I am so excited to bring Nolan into this world with all the support Greg and I have and the love we feel from family and friends. Thank you everyone!


  1. In case anyone wants to know the difference, Greg Porterfield painted the room & Greg Lawler fathered Nolan,,,,,hehehehe!

  2. Love your color combination! So boyish...but not babyish! Good choices!