Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Houston, We have a viable baby

 We are now 25 weeks and 4 days. Nolan is now a viable baby should he make an early entrance into this world, which I hope not for quite awhile. Like I have said each worry milestone we pass is replaced with another. We have passed the viability check point and now to wait until the 32 week mark, then 37 and then DELIVERY! It is starting to go faster, and as I have heard from my mother friends it all only goes by faster once they arrive. So I need to try and enjoy my last few months without a major responsibility.

These next few months Greg and I are going to try and get as much couple time together as possible before Nolan's arrival. We are going to have dinners, movie dates, and even enjoy his first vacation week that he specifically requested over our one year anniversary! We will be going to his lake house and visiting his family, as this might be the last trip we have until after Nolan comes. We also will shower Lacey with as much attention while also trying to prepare her for her little brother!

I have been reading online about how to prepare your dog for a baby. A main thing is to introduce Lacey to Nolan's things and let her sniff them as much as possible before he arrives. As the room starts to get put together Lacey is definitely taking an interest in his things but I need to make sure she doesn't think they are hers, to chew on. The play mat/rug came in the mail today so I put it together. It is foam and Lacey took a quick liking to it, as a chewy.

Went to the doctor yesterday and the check up went great! I was concerned about my weight gain and was going to ask the doctor about it but she came in beaming that I have doubled my total weight gain in one month! Now at over 6 months pregnant I have gained a whopping 6 whole pounds! Haha. But as long as my doctor is happy and not concerned then I am happy and won't be concerned. My blood pressure is fine and Nolan's heart rate is good.

I will be going back in 3 weeks for my diabetes testing and other end of second trimester testing. I can't believe I am almost two-thirds of the way through my pregnancy! Then starting in August, my third trimester, my doctor wants to see my every two weeks, just to be safe and closely monitor Nolan. I like that I'll be going to see her more often. I doubt it means more ultrasounds but it will mean I don't have to call and bug her staff with questions all the time because I'll always see her in a few days so I can ask her myself.

Now we are going from waiting in limbo to everything coming quicker, 30 mph to about 60 mph, here we go!


  1. Hooray for good news! I can't wait to see you and baby Nolan in November. Hope Greg will be available too. This is exciting!

  2. So happy for good baby news! Sounds like you have a very thorough doctor, which is definitely a blessing. I love the platmat! Lacey's probably thinking she sure would hate to see the dog that made those huge footprints!