Monday, July 30, 2012

Nursery: Halfway Point

Most of the furniture has come in!!! After talking on the phone with Kara about how I have to wait until the end of August to get all my furniture in at the same time the distribution center called and said some of it had arrived and if I wanted I could come pick it up whenever I wanted.

I had to wait a week so that Greg had a day off to help put it together and set it all up in Nolan's room. So I set off to Sugarland this past Friday to pick up the crib, nightstand and mattress. Much to my surprise when I called to confirm they ALSO had the dresser and glider! I was so excited! The only thing missing for the nursery is the hutch. So mom and I went to pick it up. Thank goodness we took the truck, because it filled the entire thing!

Greg had his work cut out for him. I recommended that he call a friend to help him unload, but everyone was busy or out of town. So he did it all on his own!!! Then he had to put the crib together and put all the pieces in the nursery. Remember I got the glider larger so it would be comfortable for Greg, well it was so big that it did not fit through the door in one piece!

Over the weekend Greg worked hard, for the KC, and got it all put together. I am so excited. Now we just need the hutch, and a few finishing touches. I need to get some pictures for the wall, curtains, a pillow and we are set! Here is what we have thus far. So excited!

The nightstand: 
Some Baylor paraphernalia, a bulldog lamp, and a picture frame from Lauren.  

 The dresser without the hutch:
UT paraphernalia, a NYC police car we got on our "babymoon", 
Greg's baby shoes, mommy & baby bear. 

The right side of the room:
The large and in charge glider.  

I love this crib, and the picture frame my mom bought. 
I will put his name in the white stripe. 

I can't wait until the finished product, and for Nolan to arrive and enjoy this room. I spent last night, the first night, relaxing in the room just imagining him playing in this room, sleeping and me rocking him in the glider. Less than 3 months to go!!!


  1. You and Greg are so cute. . . I think you need to be on the lookout for a small package for Nolan from Tita, to keep his footies warm. And somewhere in this room there needs to be something from U of H!
    The room looks so cozy! Nolan will love it!

  2. Tell Lacy to leave the rug alone!

  3. Love the furniture! They sure make baby furniture different than back in the ole boring crib days! That glider looks soooo comfortable!