Wednesday, October 3, 2012

T minus ?, and Counting

We are officially 37 weeks! If Nolan comes when I am hoping he will we have 10 days left. 10 DAYS!!! That's almost in the single digits! This is getting crazy!

All the showers are done, and I am so thankful to have such great friends and family supporting us at this major time in our lives! We have literally everything we could need for Nolan. Anything we did not get in a shower we were able to purchase with gift cards! I feel so blessed and so thankful that Nolan gets to come into this world with so many people loving on him!

Here are some wonderful pictures from the Resiterns shower (the doctor's wives group).

The AMAZING buldog cake Bethannie made :) 

Such adorable onesies for Nolan! And the bowties can come off to go on bigger onesies as he grows!

 I LOVE the bulldog theme!

My favorite book growing up, I'll Love you Forever! I have a copy in Nolan's room but its all torn up. So glad he gets a new pretty copy!

I LOVE smocked outfits! Nolan will be styling in this outfit!

His personalized boppy cover. It has the swanky blanket fabric on the back. I LOVE the way it feels :)

The sweet girls who hosted the shower, JoAnna, Bethannie & Ericca. 
Thank you girls! Yall are the best!!!

The after this fun soiree Greg and I quickly went to Galveston for our bump pictures on the beach. It had been raining all weekend but was clearing up just in time for us to get pictures done! However, as you know, rain usually brings in a cold front...and boy was it cold. We got a lot of shots done and I can't wait to see them. 

But unfortunately I paid the price for the a wonderful picture on the beach, I woke up Monday feeling horrible! I have a runny nose, sore throat and body aches. But thankfully no fever! Just been hanging out at home, as usual, drinking lots of fluids and trying to rest. But its hard when the "nesting" urge keeps tapping at my shoulder. Thanks to mom for coming down for a bit and helping me tidy up and organize Nolan's closet. 

I was sad that when I was feeling horrible that my husband was on call so I wouldn't see him all day. But he switched his calls so he could be home today for our doctor appointment. He hasn't been able to attend one since June! After a full call night he still came home bearing gifts of lotion enhanced tissues (because my nose was raw) and flowers! Such a wonderful hubby. 

I am so excited because we get an ultrasound today! So we went and Nolan is measuring about 6 pounds even. His head is far down the doctor said and he is facing my back. That is the perfect delivering position! Hopefully he stays that way. So with that position he seems to be on my track to possibly coming earlier than his due date. However, he is only measuring 35 weeks 6 days, and he is 37 weeks 3 days. But that is ok because he has always measured small. This can either mean he is coming after his due date or he is just a small baby. And I told the doctor he is moving a bunch still. She was surprised he hasn't slowed down, because that usually means they are getting ready to come. So just like when we were trying to figure out his gender he was doing things to keep us guessing both genders. Now when we are trying to guess his arrival he is doing things to keep us guessing again. Oh child!

All I am waiting for now is to get over my cold so I am better when he arrives. If all this blowing my nose doesn't send me into labor, which I hope it doesn't, then I start my long walks and bouncing on a ball to help get him to come out next week!!! We are ready, my hospital bag list is ready and Nolan's bag is completely packed! Nolan, come any time now!!!

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  1. Regarding the cute smocked "outfit": When Stephanie (my daughter) was pregnant with our first grandson, my SIL absolutely would NOT allow any of his little boy clothes to be called "outfit." He said boys did NOT wear OUTFITS. Well, we couldn't think of anything else to call them, so, low and behold, little Stephen DID wear outfits...much to his dad's dismay!