Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st doctor visit

Went to the doctor yesterday. I am estimating I am around 5w3d. I have been reading chats in baby center alot lately, can be bad news. I got myself so worked up about having an early u/s and not hearing the heartbeat (usually cant hear it until 6w2d about) and getting those feelings rush back from when I found out I was going to m/c.

Got to the office and she had just been called to an emergency c-section :( But she returned within 20 minutes! I weighed in at 110.8, yippee lost 3 of the 10 lbs I gained after the m/c. She just did a physical exam and said everything seemed normal. I am having my HCG levels checked as well as progesterone. SHe said HCG won't say too much but the progesterone will be able to tell if its a viable pregnancy. However, if I do not have sufficient levels then she will put me on medication to help with that. I am glad more precaution is being taken this time around, as well as a closer look at everything.

I won't find out about my progesterone levels for a few days, so now we play the waiting game. But I already set up a time to come in for my first ultrasound, March 6th! I am so excited. Hopefully Ill be 7w2d at that point. But we will get a more definite picture as to how far along I am and when my EDD will be.

I am so glad I started this blog, even though no one knows about it, because I can't talk all I want about this and not blab it to everyone. Some people know though already ;)

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