Saturday, April 7, 2012

12 weeks & FB official

We made it to 12 weeks! I am so excited to hit this milestone. And thank goodness for the fetal doppler because I can hear your heartbeat whenever I want. So I made sure everything was ok yesterday before announcing. You are already moving. I would have to move the scope a few cm to find your heartbeat sometimes after already finding it. That was neat to know you are already moving, even though I can't hear it. Fo any mommies out there, or future mommies, I definitely recommend getting a fetal doppler. I bought the sonoline B from

Since Easter is this weekend, my favorite holiday, and we are 12 weeks this weekend I was so excited to announce it. Greg could not wait to announce it on Sunday so we did it on Good Friday. So here is how it all came about. I wanted to cook dinner for Greg and my parents. I decided on a crockpot cheesy chicken spaghetti. I went to the grocery store and came home without the cheese and the chicken! I blame it on pregnancy brain. So Greg was going to grab those ingredients but on one condition, I had to let him announce it that night. We decided it was too late to have to go back and get the ingredients so we just went out to dinner instead. But I could not deny Greg his excitement. He has been so great with this secret, he has not told anyone. So he finally got to let the cat out of the bag and announce it on facebook.

Right now we are just relishing in this milestone before we start looking forward the next big steps. We don't want to miss anything, or not give every step its due attention. Last time went by so quickly and this time we want to make sure we appreciate everyday we get. I hope this baby feels the love that is already building up for it. This is our special delivery, our rainbow child after the storm of heartbreak. We look forward to each and every moment and can't wait until the day we get to meet this wonderful love that has brought so much joy to not only our lives but so many around us. Thank you God for this blessing!


  1. congratulations girl! I am so happy for yall and I love all of your posts! :) You are already being an amazing mommy to that little pumpkin! (our little pumpkin was born on Oct 17th 2011)! :)

  2. Don't you ever worry, kiddo, you and Greg and the baby are already so loved that no bad can ever come to you three! I love reading your rumblings, keep up the good work. BTW, when you do find out what the little pumpkin is, let me know, my fingers are itching to knit some love for the little one. :)