Friday, April 27, 2012

Nolan Thomas Lawler

Its a BOY!!! We found out last Friday that we will be welcoming the carrier of the Lawler name into this world in October! From the NT scan I was given a piece of paper with the information to call and receive the results of our Jack or Jill test. Since the woman who lead my testing said I could possibly receive my results in 3 business days I was so excited to find out. I called during lunch on Friday and the message said my results were not in yet. So I decided to try after work since that would be after the third work day. After school that day I dialed and I heard her voice say "Hello Kimberly, this is Jennifer." I instantly knew the results were in, but there was no way I could listen to the results without my hubby. So I wanted to get home as soon as possible. But it started to rain a torrential downpour! I had to help out at school with the kids and then headed home. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to get home after work. But today due to the rain it took almost 1.5 hours!!! I couldn't believe that this day had such bad weather when we were about to receive such wonderful news! But we figured God decided we were having our own sunshine being brought into our lives so we didn't mind the rain. I finally got home, after receiving multiple calls from Greg and my mom to know how long until I get home so they can find out. I finally arrive home and Greg and I sit down on the couch and get ready for the biggest news of our lives. We listen to all the first trimester screening results. All tests came back with a decreased chance of birth abnormalities based on the measurements and my blood work. That is always nice to hear. Then the sentence came, Congratulations it is a boy! I couldn't believe it. After we hung up I asked Greg if she really said boy, and asked if we should call back just to make sure. He said, oh no she definitely said its a boy. I was in shock. I knew that my baby dreams in the beginning of the pregnancy the baby was a boy but we had been talking about girl names so much, because we couldn't decide on one, that I was almost certain that it was a girl. Now I have to completely change my frame of mind to the fact that we are having a boy. However, it was almost instantly that I was just as excited to be having a little boy! I can't wait to hold him in my arms! We were already decided on the name from very early on in the pregnancy, Nolan Thomas Lawler. So that was already set. Now when referring to my baby I can call him by his name! And on to the other fun things, buying him clothes, toys, necessities and of courses, the NURSERY! Thank you Erin for helping us decide on a theme, bulldog! It's perfect for our family and I'm sure Nolan will love it.

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