Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NT Scan, Blood work and OB appointment Update

Sorry I did not update yesterday after my appointment. I had a few of you texting to make sure everything went alright, and I appreciate that very much!

First I will tell you about my OBGYN appointment as not much happened there. We listened to the heartbeat on a doppler. Woohoo, we can do that any night of the week. But it is always nice to hear, just wish I could have seen more pictures. And she did tell me I am still losing weight but she is not concerned because my blood pressure is good and the baby's heart rate is doing well also. So that just means I am lucky because I  have lost weight but have a fun baby bump and BOOBS, finally!

Greg was unable to make it to the CMG appointment for the NT scan and blood work but did come to my OB appointment. I wish has was able to make the first one because that is where all the excitement happened. I got to have my first abdominal ultrasound, a lot more comfortable than the vaginal ones. And this was the first time where I could see the baby, and not just a blob. We can already tell we do NOT have a camera shy baby. S/he was facing the front almost the entire time. It was comforting to hear the heartbeat too, 161 bpm. I was able to have a profile picture, legs and two frontal pictures to take home. Here is the cute profile one.
I already am in love with those cheeks and little belly! Greg said s/he has his belly :) Our baby was kicking and pushing back as we moved the ultrasound. It's a feisty little thing. I am so in love with this little baby already. I can't stop looking at this picture. I can't wait to hold s/he in my arms in October!

After the ultrasound, where I had to drink a TON of water and eat 30 minutes before (info for you ladies that have not done this before), I went to have my blood taken. The lady had to prick me twice! And for those of y'all who know how much I HATE needles, that was torture. But with this blood work we will be able to find out the gender of our bundle of joy!

I had blood taken for the Jack or Jill blood test to determine the gender. This is a pretty new test and is not available everywhere. It says you can call in to an automated service to find out your probability for different genetic abnormalities based on your blood work and your NT scan and at the end it will reveal if you are having a boy or girl. In the paperwork, which has to be more general, it says you can call in 7-10 business days, but my normal OBGYN said she has had clients get it in 5-7 business days and even better the girl who prepped me for the tests said lately it has been about 3-5 business days! So best case scenario we would know by this FRIDAY! Oh my goodness I can't wait. However, if it is a girl I am afraid we will be choosing her name out of a hat.

So help us! Here are our girl names:
Charlotte - call her Charlie
Susanna - after my Bisabuelita (Great Grandmother)
Savannah - just like it
Kennedy - I like it to go with Charlotte because it will be KC
Gwendolyn - call her Gwen
Annelise - Greg's mother's name is Ann.

What do y'all like?


  1. I like (in this order) Kennedy, Charlotte, & Annelise. Whatever happened to Evelyn Faith????

  2. I love Charlotte and for her middle name to go with Charlotte choose Susanna or Savannah. . . Or middle name Marie!
    BTW, EJ isn't prejudiced towards Evelyn, is she? ;)

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